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Tips und Tricks using dd-wrt router firmware

Kong mod update build 15758

See myopenrouter announcement for a new set of my dd-wrt mods:


Kond Mod Status Update

I’m currently testing a new feature: filtering ads directly on the router

The next release will have privoxy onboard + default rules that block most ads before they reach your client computers.

This usually increases surfing speed and enhances security since ad servers are often used to send malware to browsers.

With custom rules one will be able to filter adult, gaming … sites. A transparent mode can be activated, which makes sure clients cannot bypass the filter.


DD-WRT Samba Custom Configuration – Kong Mod

Here is a little tutorial on how to create a custom configuration for samba. I assume you already have my dd-wrt mod installed. Once you enable Samba under Services->NAS you will see this Form:


Click to enlarge

Now to create a custom configuration you can just use the smb.conf which is created once you setup samba with public share. This file is located under /tmp/smb.conf. In the following example I added two users with special shares and changed the location of the public share. In addition to that it is neccessary to create the appropriate directorys on your usb drive ( in this example /jffs/boss, /jffs/cat, /jffs/public) :


server string = Kong
workgroup = Secure
interfaces = br*
bind interfaces only = Yes
map to guest = Bad User
smb passwd file = /var/samba/smbpasswd
private dir = /var/samba
passdb backend = smbpasswd
log file = /var/smbd.log
max log size = 1000
printing = none
load printers = No
usershare allow guests = Yes

comment = Boss share
path = /jffs/boss
read only = No
guest ok = No
valid users = Boss
force user = root

comment = Cat share
path = /jffs/cat
read only = No
guest ok = No
valid users = Cat
force user = root

comment = Public Share
path = /jffs/public
read only = No
guest ok = Yes
force user = root

Unless you know what you are doing you should keep the default options in global section, but you probably want to change some values like your server string and workgroup . Once you copied your config into the Custom Configuration textbox press Apply Settings. After that you can access your new shares.

Update 5th May 11: Latest builds require the option force user = root since they don’t mount partitions using option user

Update 3rd June 11: Kong builds >= 17140 have a new samba gui, there you can create multiple shares + users without the need of a custom config.

USB drive not recognized – WNR3500L

If you have trouble getting your usb drive to work with the wnr3500l you may want to test these steps:

  • usb port is deactivated – activate it by pressing poweroff button, wait 10s, poweron again by pressing the powerbutton
  • if you use a usb hub, make sure it has it’s own power source
  • if nothing helps, do a 30/30/30 reset

Update: DD-WRT Kong Mod build 15000

Here comes another release of my dd-wrt mod, now based on dd-wrt build 15000.


-attempt to cleanly umount usb devices on reboot


-correctly create second samba user when using custom configuration

-fix black on black bug in nas section under safari/konqueror(using webkit)




DD-WRT with included samba3 + minidlna + speed optimization

I have updated my dd-wrt mod (build 14584) with included samba3 and minidlna. This build is thoroughly tested on a WNR3500L, but should work on all Broadcom 47xx Units with 8MB flash ( I have reports that it is working fine on Asus RT-N16, Linksys WRT610N V2 ).

Changes compared to my last build.

New features:

  • minidlna (DLNA Server)
  • O2 optimization for better performance
  • network performance fix (checkout benchmarks make sure you read the whole thread, to see the difference between standard dd-wrt and kong mod. Thanks  to bosa for testing!)


  • fix large file support for samba and busybox console utils
  • fix permissions with ext3 partitions and samba
  • fix DNS rebinding security issue



  • nfs modules, they along with nfs utils will come in a seperate version

Known Issues:

  • proftpd bug , reports wrong filesizes for files >4GB


P.S. For additional info , known issues etc. checkout: Myopenrouter

DD-WRT with included samba3 + speed optimization

I have updated my dd-wrt mod (build 14584) with included samba3. This build has bin tested on a WNR3500L, but should work on all Broadcom 47xx Units with 8MB flash (Asus RT-N16, Linksys WRT610N V2…).

Extra features compared to dd-wrt usb_std_ftp:

  • samba3 filesharing support with gui
  • ntfs-3g support with automount
  • inotify support needed for minidlna optware package
  • nfs modules
  • compile optimizations for faster operation Network performance comparison: Benchmarks

P.S. For additional info , known issues etc. checkout: Myopenrouter

DD-WRT firmware with included samba3

My special dd-wrt firmware is now available. It is based on dd-wrt svn r14329 and includeds samba3.

It has been tested on a netgear wnr3500l opensource router.

After you flashed your router you will find a new entry in Services->NAS section, see screenshot. To share your files connect your external drive and mount it to /jffs, enable samba and enable public share. Reboot your router. If you need a more advanced setup you can enable a „Custom Configuration“ the two user/password entries enable you to create users that can used in the custom configuration in order to define different shares with acl.

DD-WRT Samba3 Screenshot

Packages you should have installed

Here is a little explanation on some of my packages that make life easier.

Packagename profile :

This package will add a script to your /jffs/etc/config that will create a profile after every boot. This way a few environment variables will be automatically setup. These environment variables for example load libs that are needed by some of my apps. It will also set IPKG_CONF_DIR to /jffs/etc so you won’t have to set it everytime you login before you install any of my packages

Packagename screen :

Screen is useful if you do things like. Login – start application – Logout.

A standard application will be stopped once you logout. As this is not always the behaviour you need, you can start a screen session, start an app, disconnect from screen, logout and the app is still running. This is probably what you want if you use streamripper to rip streams for a few days without having you pc running:-)

Install these package with the command:

ipkg -force-depends install profile

ipkg -force-depends install screen

DD-WRT Samba3 – Network share – Win7 support

Note: If you have installed one of my mods you don’t need to install samba3 through ipkg. It’s already included!!

If you have read my basic setup instructions on how to prepare your router for some of my packages you are now ready to install your first package. Since samba3 is one of the most requested applications I’ll start with a simple tutorial on how to get samba3 installed using my samba3 package. Actually in the case of samba it is not really worth explaining the installation. Just login to your router using telnet or ssh client and run the following command (don’t forget to first export IPKG_CONF_DIR as explained in my instructions):

ipkg -force-depends install samba3

Once you reboot you should be able to see a public network share served by your router.

If you want need some  advanced configuration with protected shares etc. you just have to edit:




Hint: Since jffs method cannot be used to stop services you need to add a command to shutdown samba on a reboot or shutdown. Otherwise it can happen, that your jffs partition is in unclean state, which will cause a filesystem check. When this happens, the startup scripts will not be executed. Now to make sure you don’t see this, enter:

killall smbd

to Administration->Commands and press Save Shutdown