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DD-WRT with integrated Tracker and Adblocking using Privoxy

I have just integrated another feature. Here comes a proxy server with default rules for adblocking and tracking mechanisms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ilike Button…

This does not mean you cannot use Facebook or Google anymore, this just blocks tracking through 3rd party sites.

NOTE: You may have seen scripts that download host lists onto your router in order to redirect hostnames from well known adblocking servers to your routers ip . While this is an effective method to avoid certain ads it is the biggest security hole for your router. You have no control over the external host list, in case it was manipulated you are going to be redirected like a fool, to prepared servers that are just waiting to load you with malware etc.

Thus if you have never heard of privoxy you should start your browser and direct it to


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The image shows the configuration page which allows to enable privoxy. In standard mode it will just act as a normal proxy that filters ads and other annoying content. In this mode you have to setup each clients browser to use the proxy: <routersip>:<port> e.g. : 8118

In transparent mode all http traffic will be intercepted by the proxy, and every client will connect through the proxy, this is useful if you want to enforce the rules you defined. Lets say for example you want to filter out adult content and don’t want your kids to bypass your filter. The Custom Configuration is needed if you want to place your filter rules on a removable writeable media so you can create your own set of rules. To do this you would just use the standard config located under /tmp/privoxy.conf copy and paste the content and replace the paths to the actionfiles.

Note: In transparent mode the access to the dd-wrt page goes through the proxy, if the proxy dies for whatever reason you cannot reach the routers webif. In this case you can logon to through a shell and disable transparent mode with the command:

nvram set privoxy_transp_enable=0

nvram commit

Then restart the router. This will stop the firewall rule that enforces transparent mode.

Download Broadcom Build (8MB Units 47xx: Netgear WNR3500L, Asus RT-N16, Linksys WRT610N V1/V2):


Windows Mediaplayer 11 Windows 7 DLNA Server finden

Sollte der Mediaplayer unter Windows 7 keine DLNA Server finden sollte man prüfen ob der Dienst UPnP Gerätesost und SSDP Suche gestartet sind.