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DD-WRT with included samba3 + minidlna + speed optimization

I have updated my dd-wrt mod (build 14584) with included samba3 and minidlna. This build is thoroughly tested on a WNR3500L, but should work on all Broadcom 47xx Units with 8MB flash ( I have reports that it is working fine on Asus RT-N16, Linksys WRT610N V2 ).

Changes compared to my last build.

New features:

  • minidlna (DLNA Server)
  • O2 optimization for better performance
  • network performance fix (checkout benchmarks make sure you read the whole thread, to see the difference between standard dd-wrt and kong mod. Thanks  to bosa for testing!)


  • fix large file support for samba and busybox console utils
  • fix permissions with ext3 partitions and samba
  • fix DNS rebinding security issue



  • nfs modules, they along with nfs utils will come in a seperate version

Known Issues:

  • proftpd bug , reports wrong filesizes for files >4GB


P.S. For additional info , known issues etc. checkout: Myopenrouter