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DD-WRT with included samba3 + speed optimization

I have updated my dd-wrt mod (build 14584) with included samba3. This build has bin tested on a WNR3500L, but should work on all Broadcom 47xx Units with 8MB flash (Asus RT-N16, Linksys WRT610N V2…).

Extra features compared to dd-wrt usb_std_ftp:

  • samba3 filesharing support with gui
  • ntfs-3g support with automount
  • inotify support needed for minidlna optware package
  • nfs modules
  • compile optimizations for faster operation Network performance comparison: Benchmarks

P.S. For additional info , known issues etc. checkout: Myopenrouter

Allnet ALL6600 – SSHD

Da der All6600 lediglich ein umgelabelter Thecus N5200 ist, kann man Module von:

Via Allnet Webinterface nachinstallieren und somit z.B. einen SSH Server nachrüsten.

DD-WRT firmware with included samba3

My special dd-wrt firmware is now available. It is based on dd-wrt svn r14329 and includeds samba3.

It has been tested on a netgear wnr3500l opensource router.

After you flashed your router you will find a new entry in Services->NAS section, see screenshot. To share your files connect your external drive and mount it to /jffs, enable samba and enable public share. Reboot your router. If you need a more advanced setup you can enable a „Custom Configuration“ the two user/password entries enable you to create users that can used in the custom configuration in order to define different shares with acl.

DD-WRT Samba3 Screenshot