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Packages you should have installed

Here is a little explanation on some of my packages that make life easier.

Packagename profile :

This package will add a script to your /jffs/etc/config that will create a profile after every boot. This way a few environment variables will be automatically setup. These environment variables for example load libs that are needed by some of my apps. It will also set IPKG_CONF_DIR to /jffs/etc so you won’t have to set it everytime you login before you install any of my packages

Packagename screen :

Screen is useful if you do things like. Login – start application – Logout.

A standard application will be stopped once you logout. As this is not always the behaviour you need, you can start a screen session, start an app, disconnect from screen, logout and the app is still running. This is probably what you want if you use streamripper to rip streams for a few days without having you pc running:-)

Install these package with the command:

ipkg -force-depends install profile

ipkg -force-depends install screen