DD-WRT Samba3 – Network share – Win7 support

Note: If you have installed one of my mods you don’t need to install samba3 through ipkg. It’s already included!!

If you have read my basic setup instructions on how to prepare your router for some of my packages you are now ready to install your first package. Since samba3 is one of the most requested applications I’ll start with a simple tutorial on how to get samba3 installed using my samba3 package. Actually in the case of samba it is not really worth explaining the installation. Just login to your router using telnet or ssh client and run the following command (don’t forget to first export IPKG_CONF_DIR as explained in my instructions):

ipkg -force-depends install samba3

Once you reboot you should be able to see a public network share served by your router.

If you want need some  advanced configuration with protected shares etc. you just have to edit:




Hint: Since jffs method cannot be used to stop services you need to add a command to shutdown samba on a reboot or shutdown. Otherwise it can happen, that your jffs partition is in unclean state, which will cause a filesystem check. When this happens, the startup scripts will not be executed. Now to make sure you don’t see this, enter:

killall smbd

to Administration->Commands and press Save Shutdown

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